Guilt, when is it okay to feel guilty, when should we, and when will it be taken advantage of? Guilt most often occurs when a person realizes or believes that they have done something morally wrong.

You often see guilt in race relations, often white people will feel guilty towards people of color, due to them having poor living conditions, no jobs, or injustices of the past, like slavery in America, or apartheid in South Africa.

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The garden symbolizes a middle ground between safety within the property and the outside world beyond the walls, due to her own guilt Lillian even allows black South Africans from the outside to work in the garden.

She tries to tell herself that she is a pensioner and because of that not well off to get rid of her anger (p. 127, l. 8).

We see through her anger that she is prejudiced against the black South Africans, “They took merciless advantage especially since the new government.

There was a boldness not seen before” (p. 126, l. 2-3). As mentioned, she is also characterized by fear

this explains why “The gate was locked, the wall round the property ten feet high” (p. 125, ll. 33-34) this quote tells us that the whites feared and distrusted the black South Africans during the apartheid.