The Grudgit | Analytical essay

Brett and Jack were two young adults, who are also brothers. They got along very well and bonded over the same activities. Not only were they brothers, but they were also very close friends.

One day, their mother died in a car accident. Their dad later remarried to a single mother who has a pre-teen child named Thomas, and both the dad and the mother went to live elsewhere, leaving Brett and Jack to take care of Thomas. Brett and Jack hated Thomas.

He opened it and noticed that the first page had two lines written on it in blue. The first line said: “First is 5s, Second is 13s, Third is ???s”, and the line below said:

“The Grudge is coming.” The remaining 3 pages were all blank. Weirded out, He closed the book and left.

Two hours later, all three of them were having dinner at the table. Brett made a mean comment to Thomas expecting a reaction out of him, because that was how Thomas usually reacts, but this time, Thomas just stared at him for 5 seconds with his eyes wide open, and a creepy half-smile.

Weirded out by this, Jack got up and threatened Thomas, insulting him in the process. Thomas then proceeded to stare at Jack for 13 seconds, again with his eyes wide open, and a creepy half-smile.

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