The growth of the gaming industry | Speech

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From: TechQueens
Sent: Fri 30-Mar-21 14:38
Subject: Mistakes in the delivery

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

We have received the package with our merchandise, but unfortunately, there are a couple of mistakes in the delivery. We have only received half the t-shirts and a lot of the caps are the wrong size.

This Is very disappointing to us. We need the merchandise for an e-sport event next month, and therefore it is very urgent.

As a solution to the problem, we hope that you can deliver the missing half of the t-shirt and 50 caps in the size small. We understand that mistakes like this can happened, but we look forward to hearing from you about the solution to the problem.

Good morning. My name is Feline Frerst and I am a student of business entrepreneurship at Stanford University. I appreciate being invited here to give my speech about the growth of the gaming industry.

But first I hope you will participate in a quick poll. Would those of you who never have played a video game before raise your hands? Ok, thank you.

Would those of you who play video games every day raise your hands? Ok, thank you. Allow me to conclude that this constitutes a fair majority.

And actually, that corresponds well with the results of recent opinion polls, and this will also be the starting point of my presentation today.

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