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Hello everyone!
My name is Almine Gabe, I am 24 years old, I am from Denmark, and I work as an assistant at the Modern Retail Association.

I am really pleased to be here today, at the University of California, and hopefully give you guys an insight in the retail industry.

I will present my analysis of the current problems and challenges that retailers face as a result of the technological development.

The first one I want to address is ‘No disappointment’. Let me explain: You have probably experienced this, you go to the store to buy a specific product, but when you get there, it is not in stock in that specific store.

The shop assistant informs you that your product is available in a store 5 miles away – either you do not have time for that or you simply do not want to go to another store to get your product.

This cannot happen, when you shop online, since you are always informed whether your product is available or not.

And if the product is sold out, you can even sign up your e-mail to get a notification as soon as it is available again.

Another important reason is the discomfort you might experience while shopping in a physical store. That awkward moment when you walk in and it is just you and the salesman.

They ask if you need help, but actually you just want to have a look at their products. This awkward conversation is followed by an even more awkward moment of silence.

I can feel from your reaction that you all know what I am talking about. But again, if you shop online, you can avoid this discomfort.

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