The gaming industry | Speech | 10 i karakter

Good afternoon students.
My name is Laura Lucassen, and I am student of business entrepreneurship at Stanford University.

Today I will be giving a speech about the gaming industry. My speech will be divided in some parts.

The first part is about the opportunities and challenges of gaming seen from the point of view of companies, secondly for the gamers and at last for society.

Gaming is an industry that is constantly growing and growing. It is an industry where interest increases every year. In the last years, the interest has been increasing by 13.3% per year.

This also means, that this is an industry, that has a significantly higher rise, than one of their biggest competitors, which is the TV industry.

This is also happening even if the gaming industry is expensive. It sounds like even though many games are free to download, it costs money for new levels, or similar.

For the companies is it not only new videogames, who being developed. For some years ago was a new trend starting, which sounds on, that other types of products also should be a part of the sale though videogames.

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