It's not easy choosing to homeschool your kids, not knowing the consequences, and when all your neighbours do it the “normal” way.

Should you, as a parent, do what all your neighbours do, according to teaching, or should do what you think is right?

This dilemma is what is stated in the two videos and one article listed below. The videos explain the pros with teaching your kids at home. The article tells us about the cons and a new way of teaching your kids at home.

They experience a lot of school shootings, fights and drug dealing. Not going to a traditional school at all, would remove all that.3

So you could definitely argue that it’s better for the students to be homeschooled, if you want them to have higher grades, feel safer and not be bullied, when in class.

Now on the other hand, homeschooled students might lack a lot in their social skills. The ability to cooperate with others to achieve a mutual goal, may be hard to learn when you are homeschooled.