‘My Best Friend Died by Suicide. I Wish I Had Seen the Warning Signs’ | Analysis

Mental health and suicidal awareness are growing themes in modern times. It used to be a taboo to talk about for men especially as it is something that is considered unmanly.

However, at it is unfortunately something that may affect everyone and can destroy even the strongest and manliest man, like an American military veteran, the taboo is slowly being removed.

In the article “My Best Friend Died by Suicide. I Wish I Had Seen the Warning Signs” is written by a lieutenant colonel serving the US Air Force by the name of Daniel Magruder.

In the article published by The New York Times, Daniel Magruder writes about the importance of mental health awareness and especially post-traumatic stress syndrome as his good friend Neil Landsberg was suffering from it up until he committed suicide due to it.

The article’s sender, Daniel Magruder, is writing about the tragic story of his friend, which inspired him to write said article.

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