My Best Friend Died by Suicide. I Wish I Had Seen… Opgave

Committing suicide and being a friend or family member left with some kind of guilt is, unfortunately, something that affects many people around the world.

In this article called “My Best Friend Died by Suicide. I Wish I Had Seen the Warning Signs”written by Daniel Magruder, is the friend who stands back and feels powerless with his loss of his best friend, Neil Landsberg.

The main theme is PTSD and what can happen besides if you do not get help when you are in the Air Force, and it leads to a discussion about what can be done to help veterans who suffer from trauma.

He has a huge focus on the rise in suicide among these active military and the people in the Air Force, and the role of post-traumatic stress disorder, which is one of the themes in the article.

The general problem of the increase in suicide rates among the veterans is shocking and at the same time, there is a focus on the system, as Magruder suggests there is a lack of proper psychological support.

He uses pathos as an appeal to promote his intention with the article and to put the recipient in a, particularly emotional situation.

The sender in this article does it by hitting the feelings of the recipient with sadness, sympathy, and powerlessness.

He also writes this article to set some discussions in the world, about what to do and do better, to recuse the increase in suicides by active-duty airmen in the United States Air Force.

The discussion about what can be done to help veterans is a lot of different answers. One of them may be to give them peace, listen, and give them some professional help.

When you are in the military, you have to be forced to have a psychologist to talk to.

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