This essay is an analysis of the article “Child Labor: The inconvenient truth behind India´s growth story” by Josh Jacobs and Reeva Misra.

Josh Jacobs and Reeva Misra has written the article in August 21. 2017. They are fighting for children’s rights.

This is also seen in their article “Child labor”, but do they get to their message and how do they to it (Jacobs, Misra, 2017)

In the analyses there is going to be focusing on form of appeal and argumentative features.

The conclusion is going to be based on the analysis there is going to be an assess on whether they are successful in communicating their message.

Sandra Polaski, who worked on child labor reforms for Inia as deputy director-general of the International Labour Organization from 2012 to 2016 said

“There is vast literature showing that child labor impedes development” and “It certainly impedes the development of the individuals affected

but it also impedes the development of the overall economy, because your future workforce is going to be less well educated.” (Polaski, u.d., s. paragraph 15)

This paragraph shows a lot of ethos appeal, because through her education and experience, she has been able to form a basis for her opinions.

As the text mentions, she has been working on reforms for child labor In India. Therefore, through her qualifications and experience on the subject

she automatically has great credibility and evidence for her opinions. That is, due to her extensive experience, she has a lot of evidence for her opinions as she knows her subject matter.