The edge of death | Analyse | Engelsk

“I can’t” she said, with tears in her eyes. What is it she can’t? “what is it you can’t?” I had to ask her before it was too late. “Life, I can’t live this life anymore. It’s all too much, no one is ever satisfied with anything. I always try to satisfy everyone around me, I try so damn hard that I forget to live my own life. Sometimes I forget I even have a life”. I didn’t understand her at that very moment but I had to get her down, so I said to her “Life is hard. We often forget to live life while we still can, you’re right, but why don’t we change that together instead of ending the story now?”. I saw her starting to consider it, but she was hard to convince. I’ve never met a woman like her, she’s not someone you’d find wherever, she’s special.

Too bad no one ever discovered that before she wanted to kill herself. She looked at me and said “I’ll never be the same as I was before. If I can’t even satisfy my own family, what is the point of living?”. What is she talking about? I thought to myself, she might have had some problems at home but she would’ve told me. “Look I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but you know better than anyone that I’d never forgive myself if you do this”. With a little hope my tears started falling down. “Please don’t cry” she said “For the first time, I’m happy.

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