Close to the Water’s Edge – Analysis

Making a decision (no matter the topic) is a difficult job for everyone. We must consider the consequences of our decision and think about how they will reflect on us and others. In “Close to the Water’s Edge”, nearly all the characters struggle with making correct decisions, especially the young man who is the main character.

The theme of family drama is also very much present in the story, as it presents the difficult relationships between the young man and his mom and stepdad.

On one side, the young man lacked the comfort and presence of his mother in difficult times, those of the divorce. These two themes are presented in the story.

“Close to the water’s edge” takes place at the east coast in the US in the 90’s in a very wealthy environment. This short story only has 4 characters; The main character, his mom, his stepdad and his grandmother.

We are not knowing the main character’s name, but we know that he is a Harvard student and he has just left the cambridge to celebrate his 21th birthday with his mom and rich stepdad.

The main character is also very charming, but a little shy and very intelligent since he is getting straight A’s.

The main character’s mom is very conflict-averse, because she is not defending her son when his stepdad makes fun of him, but instead just changes the subject.

She is making use of her new husband’s money, since she is ordering the most expensive things from the menu card, that she would never enjoy if she haven’t married her new guy.

It seems like her son have a hard time rigorizing her with her new husband, compared to, when it was just them and they didn’t have that many moneys. It does not seem like she likes her new husband, but she is just taking him for the money.

The stepdad is a millionaire and he is very self-centered. He has a kind of bad relationship with his stepson. We are not getting any backstories on the main character’s stepdad, so he is a little hard to describe.

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