Life on the edge | Essay | 10 i karakter

Millions of people live a daily life as a homeless person. Every day they are unaware of what they are getting to eat and where they can sleep.

Stone cold written by Robert Swindells gives us a good insight into what everyday life for a homeless person can look like, and what problems they face.

As I said, we get the story told through two different people, Link and Shelter. Link is a young boy of 16 years.

Link initially lived with his mother and stepfather and his sister Carole. But Link did not like his new stepfather Vince.

His stepfather was not very nice, and Link experienced several unpleasant things with him, for example an evening where Link was with some friends, where Vince locked Link out (p. 5, l. 19).

Because of the unpleasant experiences Link had at home, he chose to leave them and became homeless.

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