Close to the water’s edge, is a short story written by Claire Keegan.

The story is about a boy, who is going to the Harvard University.

It is a story of this Harvard student, who comes to Texas to spend his twenty-first birthday, with his mother and his millionaire stepfather. He’s going through a difficult time deciding whether to take the easy path or go for what he wants.

This Short story describes several problems and issues, that a lot of young people are going to deal with.

Despite the theme of making the right decisions, there is also a theme in the short story, about homosexuality. About how difficult it is to stand up for one's family and tell the truth because of pressure for who one should be according to their families.

In the short story, Claire Keegan also portrays family complications, which I will discuss in more detail later.

We meet a young insecure boy, who is struggling being who he really is and trying to find his path in life. He tries to find his ability to stand on his own in life, but without hurting his mother at the same time.
The story takes place somewhere in Texas on the coast.

Our unnamed main character is visiting his Mother and his stepfather in Texas. While he is there, he is living in his stepfather’s penthouse on the coast.

Claire Keegan is letting us know that he’s spending his time on the strand, watching young men with washboard bellies walking the strand. That gives us an insight into his sexuality, which is one of the sub themes of the story.

Optimer dit sprog - Klik her og bliv verdensmester i at skrive opgaver

When his grandmother was young, she had a choice to stay on the coast get in the water and live the life she always dreamt of or getting into her husband’s car and go back to the life on the farm.

The grandmother chose the easy patch here, she got into the car and back to her normal life.

As the student is on his way home, he makes a choice to go in the water and swim, although he is insecure.

It symbolizes that he will not take the easy path like his grandmother did, but find his own path in life, away from all the pressure from the family around who he should be and what sexuality he should have. That way, Claire Keegan gets an idea in our minds as a reader about what choice he makes at the end.