The Ballot or the Bullet | Malcom X | Engelsk Analyse

Malcolm X was a Muslim minister and a human rights activist. He believed in racial equality, anti-Semitism, and black supremacy. He was arguing for the complete separation of the white and black Americans but later became more accepting of the mainstream civil rights movement.

The background for this speech ‘The Ballot or The Bullet’ from 1964 which will be analyzed now, was that he was a part of the civil rights movement and he wanted to change the way African Americans were treated, to uplift the black man and give them their rights.

In this quote, he is trying to explain who is going to be in the higher rang and who is going to be in the lower rang. The white house is the president's house and the higher ranged people can go there, but a dog house is a literal dog house, not anything special, dogs are owned by people and that is maybe what he meant by the dog house. He meant, who is going to rule and who is going to be owned.

The language of this speech is harsh, direct, and serious. He does not hold back with what he has to say and it seems like he is not scared of the people's judgment. He talks to his brothers and sisters, not the American community. He also uses many sayings and symbols, that help him explain what he really means.

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