‘The Ballot or the Bullet’ | Analytical essay

There is a big difference between being born as a black child today -and in the sixties. Today we are much closer to equal rights no matter the color of our skin, but in the sixties that was something you should fight for. One of the fighters was Malcolm X.

Malcolm X was a human rights activist as well as the author and speaker of the speech “The Ballot or the Bullet” delivered on April 3. 1964 at the Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Malcolm X makes an effort out of reaching out to all African Americans and address every one of them.

“Whether you're a Baptist, or a Methodist, or a Muslim, or a nationalist. Whether you're educated or illiterate

whether you live on the boulevard or in the alley, you're going to catch hell just like I am. We're all in the same boat and we all are going to catch the same hell from the same man.”

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