‘Climate Controlled’ by Rhiannon Cowan | Analytical essay

In today’s world, one of the biggest issues is climate changes, and how it affects the earth. The human species has taken over the earth.

What consequences could that have? And how is it possibly to cope with these consequences? An example is shown in the short story “Climate Controlled” written by Rhiannon Cowan.

the atmosphere in the story is tense and embossed with the main characters frustration over what has happened.

This frustration is shown in the main characters style of writing. “Floods. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Extreme heat. Extreme cold.

All on the grandest, most destructive scale witnessed in the thousands of years humans dominated and abused the earth. To the best of my knowledge my family would have drowned in the first days of The End of the World.

Taken by the rising seas.” (ll.11-15) The narrator’s short sentences and negatively charged words, reveals his frustration and sadness when thinking back at these events.

Another example where the narrator’s frustration is shown, is when talking about its family’s deaths. “The cost of coastal living I suppose.” (l.15)

Here the narrator uses irony when talking about the event, which perhaps could be a way of coping with the sad emotions after something unfairly has happened.

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