Leonardo DiCaprios speech at the UN Climate Summit | Essay

This assignment is focused on an analysis of the speech Leonardo DiCaprio held at the United Nations’ climate summit on September 23rd 2014.

Mr. DiCaprio is a world known actor and film producer mostly known for his performance in in the film “Titanic” and later in films like: Catch Me If You Can, and The Wolf of Wallstreet.

Secondly and maybe actually as one of the most important comes the topic, and the topic in this speech is climate, and more importantly the changes we feel surrounding it right now.

Thirdly is it relevant to know the audience. The audience is mainly intended for the people in the crowd listening

but is actually meant for all the important people in the government who actually can do some things to fix the listed problems that listens to his speech due to the fact, that he speaks on behalf of the UN.

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