Climate Hypocrisy | Essay | 12 i karakter

Global warming is in action and the climate is changing everywhere on Earth. The weather is becoming more extreme with drought, desertification, forest fires, melting ice, water shortages, failed harvests, heavier storms, and major floods.

Globally there has been set some goals and intentions for the purpose of interrupting these developments. Net zero refers to achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere.

To validate this the backing is that the UK production of oil and gas has increased, as companies rushed in to take advantage of the government’s huge cuts in the oil production taxes.

Furthermore, the government is obligated to maximize the extraction because it suffuses countless policies, subsidies, and tax breaks for the fossil fuel giants despite data showing that for every lost job in the oil industry there could be three new ones, during a decarbonization.

There’s plenty of qualifiers in this article. Words as just, allegedly, and perhaps, are being applied to emphasizes how surely the writer is about the facts, claims and the message in general.

The text shows the rebuttal that there globally is a lot of countries who has made or is in the process of ending newly licensing of oil and gas.

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