Climate speech | 10 i karakter

My name is … and I study economics at Columbia University in New York. I am here to talk about climate change and President Obama’s action plan.

The climate change is threatening our security and our health. If you guys haven’t noticed, the weather has been going crazy now and then.

It can both be seen and felt. A hotter summer, rising sea levels, more extreme events like stronger storms, deeper droughts, and longer wildfire seasons.

“So, if there’s some billionaire somewhere who is a pro-environmental, cap and trade person, yeah, they can probably afford for their electric bill to go up a couple of hundred dollars,” Rubio said Sunday. ”

But if you’re a single mom in Tampa, Florida, and your electric bill goes up by $30 a month, that is catastrophic.”

So, the clean power plan will hurt the poor minority Americans the most. Driving up the price of these products for questionable long-term energy savings is doing even more harm to these families than helping them.

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