“Streamlining” by Muli Amaye | Analytical essay

The British author Muli Amaye writes poems, short stories, and novels with a focus on migration, memory, and identity. She is a professor at Lancaster University, which is located near Manchester, where she grew up.

The short story starts with Jocie and her brother Brandon, talking about death while driving to visit their mother. The main character, Jocie, does not have a good relationship with her mother and is dreading to see her. The brother, however, is not agitated.

Jocie starts thinking about how the brother has always been the mother’s favorite – raising Brandon to be irresponsible. Whenever she was younger she was given the blame for most things, such as her crying would wake her brother up and their dad for leaving.

It is the opposite for her brother, as their mother never blames the brother. The things that happened were always somebody else’s fault.

Being in the car she doesn’t feel in control, as she does while she works. While stressing about the visit with their mother she starts reminiscing her father and how much she misses him as she feels he was the only one who understood her.

When they reach the mother’s house, the brother ignores Jocie while going straight to hug their mother, leaving Jocie to carry the groceries. She mother scolds and tells Jocie to hurry, while Brandon makes fun of her. She starts laughing uncontrollably, picking up the fallen items, sets it at her mother's feet before getting back in the car and driving off.

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