What is the first thing you think about, when I say teenage murdercase? You probebly think of a movie, where some kid got bullied and couldn’t take it anymore right?

See that was my first thought too. In our society a tennager who killed someone just seemed so far fetched. They thought so too in baltimore in 1999, but that was all about to chance.

We follow the story of a young man called Adnan in the podcast “Serial” presented by Sarah Koenig. She takes us back to the traumatic day and the Subsequently case where Adnan Syed reportly killed his former girlfriend Hae Min Lee.

The podcast came out in 2014, 15 years after the case was closed. The podcast still managed to become popular world wide, but how? That’s what i would like to look at in the essay.

Cliffhangers and dramatic effect

The intention of the podcast serial is first and foremost to tell a story. She wanted to tell a true story. Adnan Syed’s story.

The story of a man in his thirties who is serving a lifetime sentence, who might have been wrongly convicted. I do think that the intention changed while in the making of this podcast.

Because along the way they got a huge fans base of thinkers and amature Sherlocks, whom all loved the show.

They saw how their series took off and wanted to do more. Serial wanted to create something, that would change the way we view a podcast.

They wanted to make a podcast that felt like a Netflix series. Wich, it truly did! We can see that by the 68 million downloads of the podcast.

I dont think it was Sarah Koenig’s intention to build such a strong bond with Adnan, but she did.

Because she made this bond or perhaps freindship with Adnan, and really trusted him. She became bias torwards him and almost always took his side. We can see that in a lot of episodes, like episode 5 “The case agianst Adnan”

“Adnan Syed So, to me, all this call was, Hae’s going to get in a lot you trouble, you know, her mother is going to be pissed when she comes home, right. Sarah Koenig To be fair to Adnan, if this really was his reaction, then he wasn’t the only one.