Account, analysis and evaluation – Serial killer

Dexter Morgan is a fictional character from the popular TV series “Dexter”. He is a forensic blood spatter analyst, who works for the Miami-Metro police department. Dexter seems like a regular guy who enjoys his work and his life in general, but in his spare time this image of his changes drastically.

Dexter Morgan is a vigilante serial killer, who hunts down rapists, murders and persons who could not stay in track with the system of justice. To please himself he has to kill, and when he was younger his father helped him to deal with his dark side. Dexter’s father prepared him and told him to kill for justice, and be very careful.

The reasons for his extraordinary actions, behavior and his hobby, is due to his presence at a mass murder and literal bloodbath when he was a baby. He does not get regular humor or why people act as they do, but trough many years of practice he now knows how to act around normal persons and actually fit in.

For example, one day at the office he brings a box of donuts to share. He honestly doesn’t know why, but if he wants to fit in, he has to act as normal as possible.

His heart is cold, and no heat or emotions can get through him, he simply does not know how it actually feels to feel.

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