We have all at some point in our life had an experience with bullying whether it has been on the receiving or the giving end or as a bystander.

It can be by simple bits and pranks, but it can also be peer pressure to do something. Imagine this compared to the stressful and tough time in a person’s life called youth

which involves studying, friendship and a lot of partying and active night life. This is some of the themes in “Roughhouse”, Jonathan Hodgson’s short film from 2018.

If we look at a characterization of the characters, we got Jez and Steve. They are both dynamic characters, as they start out being manipulated by Gibbo

to be mean and not very friendly towards their friend, but as the short film progresses, they become aware of the importance of support for your friends.

Apart from that we have Gibbo, who is a very static character. He is described in the beginning as mental and always pushing people’s buttons, and that describes the way he manipulates Jez and Steve very good as well.

He does not change at all throughout the short film. Lastly there is Shirley, and even though he fights it a lot, he is in fact dynamic.

In the beginning he just wants to drink and party, but after a wake-up call and with the backing of his friends he changes and starts to think about his fellow men.