Racism in the US | Argumentative essay | 12 i karakter

The year 2020 has been a year full of change and challenges, with the pandemic leaving its mark all over the world, and police brutality being illuminated and finally acknowledged in America.

Covid-19 and the consequences of police brutality are blowing up in the news, but the more alarming part is, that the majority of victims of these two unfortunates are proven to be the BIPOC community

These tools are used to uphold and create racial superiority and inferiority. Police brutality can be traced back to the 1700s, where it was used as a source of violence against black communities.

The most recent historical event that leads to a direct perception of structural racism is the Jim Crow Era that officially lasted from 1877-1854, though unofficially has been a challenge black people have continuously been struggling with indirectly and directly till this day.

Besides structural racism taking away certain opportunities and putting the BIPOC at a great disadvantage, it also encourages police brutality and puts the BIPOC at great risk to be exposed to Covid-19.

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