Racism | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

How would the world be if everyone had the same skin color? Would everyone be treated the same, or would there still be differences? Skin color defines who you are, not your status symbol in the society, even though that is what it has become.

Would it help if no one saw color and, in that way, no one would be judged? Not according to the writer Hillary Holland Lorenzo.

Hillary Holland Lorenzo thinks that color defines who you are. She discusses what color actually means and what it means not to see color. ““Not seeing color” results in conversations never had.

Not seeing color removes identity from someone who, I can promise you, does not want to lose his identity in any shape or before the eyes of anyone at all. Not seeing color strips away stories, histories, futures.

Not seeing color is a one-sided concept: a person of color does not have the power to impress the same sentiment upon another of Euro/Anglo descent. Not seeing color makes everyone a default color: Pretend White.” (ll. 38-43).

Lorenzo faces the fact that everyone notices skin colors. It is one of the first things you see when you lay eyes on another human being. But it is you who decides how you react to it (ll. 44-46).

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