Argumentative essay about India | 12 i karakter

India is one of the world's largest countries and they have the second largest population in the world of over 1 billion people. It tells a lot about how big a country India is.

India even occupies the place as the fourth largest economy in the world, but even though India is the fourth largest economy in the world, they have some major problems.

Among other things, child labor, rape and crime, poverty, and the Kashmir conflict, but a major problem is certainly also their poor education.

Another reason why education is as bad as the current situation shows, is due to the teachers. The teachers are just not experienced and knowledgeable enough to give the kids the best possible education.

Here the author of the article comes up with this remark "the quality of the schools remains a scandal. Many teachers are simply not ready for the job." (l.21).

In addition, he also writes "Some teachers who have paid bribes to be hired in the first place treat the job as a sincere security." (ll. 27-28).

It is not only a poor educational system but also a corrupt one. So, it makes good sense that "half of its nine-year-olds cannot do a sum as simple as eight plus nine.

Half of ten-year-old Indians cannot read a paragraph meant for seven-year-olds." (ll. 6-7) as the author describes so directly.

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