Papier Mâché doll | Analytical essay


Peony is at a funeral, her dads just died of an aneurysm. She remembers her and her Dad making papier-mache dolls in their childhood, so that is what she places on the casket.

Jasmin, her sister, is there, wearing designer clothing. Peony comments on her having split the family, and when invited to a picnic, Jasmine leaves instead.

Peony recalls the day that her dad died: he was sleeping on his chair by the fire with his dog, Lennon like they usually do, but he tragically suffered from an aneurysm.


Sometimes a tragedy can make people connect, a broken family can be healed, but this process takes both will and effort from all parties to make it happen

this is the main theme explored in the short story Papier-mache Doll, by Amanda Staples, published in 2019.

In the short story, Amanda Staples tells us about two sisters, whose gap in their relationship is eased after the recent loss of their father, leaving hope for the future that they would start over.

The story is told from Peony’s point of view as a first-person narrator, and through that, we hear she has a hard time moving on

for instance when she put a blanket on her father instead of calling the ambulance (L71-73), or how she can’t sit in her fathers' chair, even after a week had passed.

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