There is often a difference in what your parents want you to become and what you want to become. And most of the time parents think that they know what is best for their children, and in most cases that is true but making a decision on your children's behalfs is one of the things a parent should not do, especially when it comes to to life-changing decisions.

The short story “The Happiest Days of Your Life” is a story written by Penelope Lively. The story is about the wealthy Manders family. The family visits the popular boarding school St Edward's Preparatory School, to decide if they want their son Charles to study there. The parents are excited about visiting the school and they seem to like it.

The main character in this story is Charles, he is the child of the story. Charles has black hair that is flicked down smooth to his head. He is very pale, and you can see his veins. His ears are large and jutted out. Charles is a very quiet kid as he throughout the whole story does not say a word.

He does not mind being bossed around and called what to do, and he does what he is asked to do. “And the child is borne away by the headmaster’s wife. She never touches him or tells him to come, but simply bears him away like some relentless tide”. He does not say that he either likes or dislikes the school but by the way, he stays silent it is obvious that he does not like the school. If he actually wanted to be attending there he would show some more excitement.

Charles's parents, on the other hand, have already decided that they think that it is a great school, and they see a lot of opportunities. The main character seems to not be opinionated, and it seems like he could care less if he attends the school. Maybe he knows that it is already decided because of his parents. One of the reasons why the parents are wanting their child to attend this school is social status because by sending their child to an elite boarding school the parents can actually gain from it “It’s the sort of contact that would do no harm at all.

You meet someone, get talking at a cricket match, or what have you ... Not at all a bad thing.” so it the dad states here that by attending the school you can create good connections, but Charlie does not really care about that, so it ends up looking like that it would be more important for the dad to make good connections.