In the romantic comedy “500 days of summer” we follow Tom’s everyday life in the busy New York city. Tom’s normal day routines gets ruined when he falls in love with a fellow colleague “summer”. Summer and Tom decides to go to a karaoke night, they find a common interest which is music.

At the bar, they are talking about love, which Summer doesn’t believe in. Summer just wants Tom as a friend, but the reality is another one, when Tom outside the bar implying that he’s in love with Summer. Days after the karaoke night, Summer kisses Tom at work despite she said she only wants to be friends with Tom. After their relationship didn’t hold up, Tom looks back at the 500 days him and Summer spent together.

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The movies theme is love, which come really quick to light. Already in the first scene in the movie, Tom and Summer sits at Tom’s favorite bench, at his favorite spot in the city. Summer has a ring on her finger, and Tom has a suite on. It’s almost like if they just got married. They have the look in their eyes like they are in love. The romantic music is playing, and we get a close-up picture of Tom and Summer when they are looking deeply in each other’s eyes. Everything is indicating they are in love, but the circumstances are different.

The movie starts in medias res. First time is in the park where Tom and Summer sits at the bench. We don’t know why they are there, or what they are doing there. The second time Tom is smashing plates in his little apartment. But after all, the situation makes some sense when the voice-over starts talking. It describes that it’s a story where boy meets girl, but it’s not a love-story.

When Tom’s sister rushes to his apartment Tom is telling what happened with Summer, and we get a little flash-forward. Summer breaks up with Tom, and Tom gets very depressed. After that the story gets told like a calendar with days from 1-500. The 500 days is all the days where Summer is involved in Tom’s life.