Analytical Essay “Super toys last all summer long” by Brian Aldiss

When have we crossed the line? How do you tell what is real from what is not? For decades, the human mind has been fascinated by artificial intelligence and with increasing developments in genetic modification, artificial intelligence and autonone machines, the things we see in science-fiction movies are starting to be possible and both scientists and ethicists are starting to question.

In the story “Super toys last all summer long” Brian Aldiss is reflecting on what makes something real and what does not make it real, through a story about a woman struggling to love her son who we in the end finds out is actually a robot.

Already in the beginning of the story you can tell that something is not right, where it says, “She had tried to love him”(p.1, l. 22). Aldiss shows us, that there is something, which does not seem right in the relationship between the mother Monica and her son David. A mothers, love for her child is unconditional, which makes us question if David really is Monica’s real child or not.

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