Analytical essay of the article: A Bug’s Life by Scott Z. Burns

A Bug’s Life is an open letter article, written by Scott Z. Burns in April 2020. The article, is a perspective on today’s world situation, about the coronavirus.

The article is targeting the United States handling of the Coronavirus. Scott Z. Burns intention of the article, is to put focus on the fact, that the United States, is not doing enough to stop the spreading of the coronavirus, which becomes clear through an analysis of the structure, the language, and the argumentation techniques, used in the article.

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In his article, Scott Z. Burns writes a letter from the coronavirus’s perspective. The structure of the article is written in chronological order, and is written like a description of a journey.

In this quote- “To go back to the beginning, I was hanging out in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, late last year with this bat I knew when I decided it was time to get out and see the world.” (P. 2. L. 6-7)

you can see that the writer has started the article, from the entire beginning in Wuhan, China, which can make the reader more interested, because you get an overview of the entire corona process.

Scott Z. Burns then proceeds to attack the United States throughout his article, on their lack of action, when the coronavirus came to America.

“Which is super-confusing to me since you just spent $2.2 trillion to deal with the problem of not having dealt with me earlier.

Please explain the thinking here.” (P. 3. L. 7-10) in this quote, the writer addresses the issue, that the United States fired people, who were supposed to protect the Americans from the coronavirus. T

he writer creates focus on these issues, throughout his article. Scott Z. Burns has used the structure in the article, to create an overview of the corona process for the reader.

Sub heading in an article, is an important way of showing, and supporting, your points. In his article, Scott, Z Burns has written sub headings like- “yes I am talking to you USA” (p. 2. L. 19) and “please explain the thinking here” (p. 3. L. 10, these sub- headings show how Scott Z Burns wants the article to show us, how the United States is handling de Corona- virus badly.