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Kathy wakes to a thump upstairs, coming from one of the kids’ rooms. She listens closely, praying silently for rest. Each morning there was a delicate period, between six and six-thirty, when there is a chance, however remote

that they could steal another ten or fifteen minutes of sleep. But now there is another thump, and the dog barks, and another thump follows. What is happening in this house? Kathy looks to her husband. He is staring at the ceiling. […]

The phone begins ringing, today as always, before their feet hits the floor. Kathy and Zeitoun – most people calls him by his last name because they couldn’t pronounce his first – rans a company

Zeitoun A. Painting Contractor LLC, and every day their crews, their clients, everyone with a phone and their number

seems to think that once the clock struck six-thirty, it is appropriate to call. And they call. Usually there are so many calls at the stroke of six-thirty that the overlap will send half of them straight to voicemail.


1. Jim does not have much money, but he [carry on] quite well, anyway.
2. Elaine is tired from the hard work, but still she [hold out].
3. He [fall out] with his brother because of a girl.
4. To apply for the job Mr. Jones has to [fill in] the questionnaire.
5. The mother [tell off] her son for coming home late at night.
6. George [get by] his hand, but Reynold refuses to shake it.
7. Young Julia [take after] her grandmother.
8. The manager [take on] a new assistant the next day.
9. The grandparents [put off] their trip to Venice.
10. Victoria [put up with] his strange habits because she loves him.