Trump & Biden Speech | Engelsk aflevering

The main focus of this podcast is to provide a rhetorical analysis of the presidential election speeches by Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Donald Trump's four years on the authority has come to a possible end and thereforis a there a new presidential election for the United States of America.

Biden and Trump have shown, they are running to differently politics but still agree on some topics. Throughout the speeches, can it be seen how the election will affect America in different ways.

Biden wants to increase the taxes while Trump wants to lower them. They both see China as a no-go zone, and they will not cooperate with China at any circumstances.

Throughout the speech, Trump appeals to the audience using different rhetorical devices.

’’The most important election in the history’’ that was one of the statements Donald Trump express in his speech. He started out by show his thoughts to the people in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi cause to the Hurricane Laura.

In the first part of the speech, he focused on telling how great America is and he used Abraham Lincoln as an example repeatedly.

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