Lucy strikes as a rebellious person because she is in detention for hitting a girl named Penny Jones (p. 34, ll. 23-29) Lucy is almost the brainiest student at the school (p. 34, l. 37) and she is having nine o levels, she is very smart at school and she used to be a grade A student (p. 36, ll. 13-15).

Her change of heart happened once she met Bethan, a rebellious girl who seems to have a bad influence on her. Lucy’s friendship with Penny ended simply because Bethan came between them (p. 35, ll. 3-6). In fact, Lucy does not hate Penny (p. 34, l. 44), but pretends to hate her in front of Bethan, who is unaware of her true feelings.

Characterization of Lucy
Themes and message of “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s heart”

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I think the themes are peer pressure, bad role models and growing up. The message is that teenage years are very difficult and that the friendships created then can change and influence a person for the best or for the worst.