Characterization of John Doe | Engelsk

The main antagonist in the movie “seven” is a man called John Doe. We do not receive much infor-mation about him, we know that he is wealthy, how he got the money is, however a mystery. It is also stated that he is highly educated which of course is shown through his actions too or his “work” which is how he refers to it.

Throughout the movie he continuously plays a very mysterious role. He obviously wants attention and for his “work” to be known, yet he is still very careful. Nothing he does is by chance, he has worked on this for years which shows an incredible amount of patience. He leaves no traces, he is so dedicated that he even cuts the skin of off his finger in order to hide his fingerprints.

In the movie, he is known as John Doe, although it is rather possible that it is not his real name. John Doe is a name that is used in case of an unidentified or anonymous man, which means that the name has a certain connection with anonymity.

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