The short story “Old friends” by Jenny Keen is about the childhood friends Barn and Tawny. In a dialogue in their forties Barn and Tawny look back at their childhood together. They reflect on how their childhood formed them into the persons they are today.

In a dialogue between Barn and her best friend Tawny, they reflect on their childhood and current situation as middle-aged women .

The style of writing in lines 79-92 is primarily a dialogue between the present Tawny and Barn.

Second, in line 91-92 a repetition is used to underline the fact that their parents switched partners.

The dialogue is signified with quotation marks and dialogue tags. With the use of direct speech, the reader gets the feeling that they are in the room with them. In this dialogue Tawny and Barn uses informal language and it seems like a casual chatter.

Throughout this paragraph there is some poetic devices included. First, in lines 84-85 there is an example of a typical simile. “I could feel my hackles rising, like ruffled feathers.”

This simile indicates that she is having shivering fit over something that might affect her. Synchronously she also refers to the owl from her childhood .