The short story “My best friend's dad” was written by Bali Rai in the year 2005. The story is about a girl named Anisha and her close friend Charlie that ends up figuring out that they share the same father.

This could lead to several conflicts because the father is considered very conservative, strict and a man of traditions.

The text's language is very “young”. That means that the text uses a lot of cursing and British slang. The reason why the language is young is that it’s a 1st person narrator which is the young girl Anisha.

The story also follows young people so it's “natural” that the text has a very young language filled with slang.

For example, the word “nuttin´” is used in lines 11,19, and 154. “nuttin” is very common slang in England among young people. “Bloke” is another British slang that is used in line 84.