One of my best friends | Analytical essay

The tittle of the story is” one of my best friends” and is written by Peter Goldsworthy. At the beginning of the story, we are presented to the narrator and willy.

History is chronological, but we still see some flashbacks. Willy is an aboriginal, whereas the narrator is white, which has an effect on their friendship.

It also shows the social relationship between Willy and the narrator. The narrator is very violent in school because he wants to be one of the cool ones.


The story takes place in Australia. The environment is described as taking place in a small town in the countryside were for narrator and Willy meet.

When Willy and the narrator were little, they spend a lot of time in police boys, it was a place where they spent a lot of time together, playing football and boxing.

“We taught him to kick a football, too - and both of us played 52 every week in the Police Boys team”. (p2, ll. 51-52).

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