Obama’s Speech in Tucson, Arizona, 2011 | Analyse

There is a lot of anaphora in the speech. For instance: “Our hearts are broken by their sudden passing. Our hearts are broken -– and yet, our hearts also have reason for fullness. Our hearts are full of hope”. Obama emphasises the fact that this tragedy has affected “Our hearts” by repeating the phrase four times. Another very powerful anaphora is this: “Gabby opened her eyes for the first time. (Applause.) Gabby opened her eyes for the first time. (Applause.) Gabby opened her eyes. Gabby opened her eyes…” There is also an antithesis in the Bible quote: “When I looked for light, then came darkness.” This is a classic example of biblical opposites, where light is the good (God, heaven etc.) and the darkness represents the bad (misery, hell, death)


Religion plays a very important role in this speech. First of all America is Christian to the bone, and the majority of the country can identify themselves with God and understand the values...

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