Obamas speech

In the next election there are two main candidates, as usual. Trump or Biden. Mike Pence being Trump’s right-hand man, and Kamala Harris being Biden’s right-hand woman.

Barack Obama, a former US president for all 8 years, is actively supporting Joe Biden, which makes sense since they are both democrats.

When Barack Obama was the president, he had Joe Biden as his vice-president. Now Joe Biden has Kamala Harris as the vice-president. This means that if Joe Biden wins the election, and for some reason cannot complete his 4 years, Kamala Harris would be the first female president, ever.

3 months before the election Obama had a speech. He talked about the upcoming election, and what had to be done. He talked about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, saying that they would be a perfect fit as president and vice-president. He also talked about Trump.

Obama talked about Trumps progress over the 4 years that he was in charge and ridiculed him for being such a “bad” president. The speech was at the Democratic National Convention, but is intended to be read and listened to throughout all social media and media in general, such as the newspaper or local papers etc..

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