Obama’s fatherhood speech | Nonfiction Essay | 10 i karakter

Barack Obama wrote the speech on fathers day in 2010, and he exposes the problem about too many fathers missing from to many families, and which consequences it has.

Obama wants fathers to oblige their responsibilities because the government cannot be there for the chil- dren day in and day out, it is both fathers and mothers job to provide and guide the children.

A fulfilling possibility

It does not take much to become a father, but how about living up to those responsibilities it includes? To many future fathers avoid obliging the responsibility.

No one has ever said it is easy to raise a child and to be a good parent, naturally there will be obstacles and challenges along the way. “

But I can say without hesitation that the most challenging, most fulfilling, most important job I will have during my time on this Earth is to be Sasha and Malia’s dad (p. 5ll.23-24).”

These words came from Barack Obama, the President of the United Sates Of Ameri- ca. He expresses how it is a challenge for him to live up to the responsibilities there is when you are a father, however he puts a lot effort into being a good father to his two children.

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