”Not Wanted” is a short story by Maggie Cobbett. It is a story about different cultures. Osman and Liz are having fun, while Liz is on a vacation to get over a breakup. Unfortunately, the relationship means more to Osman, so he goes all the way to England to be with Liz, but she does not want him.

It is a story about a Turkish boy named Osman. Osman is working at a hotel, where he meets the British lady Liz, who he falls in love with. Liz has to go back to England, but when Osman does not get a letter from her, he decides to visit her in England.

When he shows up at her house, Liz does not get as happy, as Osman had hoped. Actually, she does not want him to be there, so she offers to drop him of by the station the next day, but Osman turns down that offer, so that he can keep his pride. He stays in England, as he is hoping to get a job. He does get a job in a greasy kitchen, so he can send money to his family.

The story is told by a 3. Person non-omniscient narrator. The reader is not told about Liz’ thoughts and feelings, before Osman finds out, how she feels about him. Osman is the protagonist.

Osman is living a poor life. He is working at a small hotel, where he gets poorly paid1. Mrs Sengezer told the workers there that they are not allowed to be out around the guests at the hotel, and they get described as poorly paid underlings.