Not Wanted | Analysis | Maggie Cobbett

Ever heard about cultural differences? It is a big problem and it is everywhere!

Cultural differences are when people from different cultures meet and problems or misunderstandings happen because of their cultures.

Cultural differences can affect multiple things, like their workplace, communication or the example in the text, love. One of the main themes in this text is exactly cultural differences and its effect on people and their love.

Osman is a very insecure man and is so uncertain about how to be around a woman. Is a man who falls in love very quickly as he is not used to being around women and especially not women who give him attention.

This is also the reason why he ends up exaggerating things, like when she calls it “a date” or when he buys a ticket to England and he asked between single and return and he only chooses single.

This inner certainty or expectation, that Liz is the one and only, is also the reason why he chooses to use all his money to go to England.

But Osman is not just insecure and quickly to fall in love, he is also a brave, hardworking and a proud man who will never give up.

When he does not receive a letter, he takes it into his own hands and travels all the way to England. It is also seen when he gets rejected in England. He will not go home and be embarrassed instead he will work towards a brighter future.

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