Netflix speech | 10 i karakter

Welcome everybody, my name is Emma and I’m a student from CBS Copenhagen. I’m very grateful for your invitation and allowing me to give a speech about what Netflix is, the changes in the entertainment industry and their competitors. Based on American articles on this subject, I would like to share Netflix’s history with you.

Then the entertainment industry changes to Cable TV. But this was not the smartest way to see what you wanted. The difference between Netflix and cable TV is that Netflix provides access to all content that is on their side by just paying monthly fees.

Cable users must buy or rent movies every time they want to watch a movie or series and often, they payed much more than Netflix’s monthly fee.

On Netflix, people can see what they want anytime. So, people should not follow a TV plan or wait to see an episode of its series.

Netflix usually uploads whole seasons, so for example you can see everything in one day, without any big fees. After DVD and cable TV, the entertainment industry changed du online streaming and here Netflix was fast.

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