The Crown – Knowledge is power | Netflix Original | Essay

The Crown is a Netflix-original which shows the ‘daily’ life of Queen Elisabeth in the 1950’s. This essay will focus on episode 7: “Knowledge is power”. The main theme in the story is education. I will analyse how the themes are expressed in the movie, and the general thoughts about it.

The Queen is trying to solve the problem, that she is missing the basic knowledge. Education is still the main theme, because she seeks Professor Hogg to common educate her.
Queen Elisabeth calls in Professor Hogg for a meeting about if he is able to educate her in basic knowledge, because she feels misinformed and feels dumb and stupid that she can’t talk about basic stuff, kids learn in their youth educations.
It shows big willpower from Elisabeth, that she wants to educate herself, after her ‘bad’/wrong education in her childhood. In Great Britain it is free to get the basic education.

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