Nature is one of society's biggest rivals because we can't beat it. Nature's disasters are a serious problem in society because they led to a loss of lives, economic and the population's ability to rebuild.

The evolution has made it possible to make more infrastructure, this can help with feature problems with nature. Is the new infrastructure go enough to help people stand against nature's powers?

And are the government going to make more people feel safe in the feature? In the article from New York Times “Hurricane Ida offers a glimpse of Dystopia that’s coming for all of us” written by Andy Horowitz (AH). The article is about nature there is destroying countries completely.

These reports are backing for AH claim, AH also mentioned that the White House gave Louisiana a D on the infrastructure, and a D is unsafe this is also a backing for the claim.

The grounds for AH claim are at the beginning of the article his own experience with the hurricane in New Orleans where his neighbors were left alone because they choose to rely on the public infrastructure.

This makes the readers think of the same claim that America needs better infrastructure. The warrant for that the government needs more investments in infrastructure and his own experience with people there were left alone under a hurricane is that many people need this better infrastructure to feel safe against nature.

An example is the hurricane Laura, AH writs “Many residents of Lake Charles, just north of Cameron, remain in dire straits since last summer’s Hurricane Laura.

Relatively little attention or recovery aid followed that Category 4 hurricane” if the government had better infrastructure, then the recovery had been faster, but the infrastructure is so bad that the people on the residents “still feel Hurricane”.