‘A Way to Serve Humanity’ | Speeh analysis

This text is a speech by Tim Cook that he performed for MIT graduating students in 2017. In the speech, Tim Cook addresses some different themes.

He starts by talking about his quest for meaning with life, where he says that after he started working for Apple, he found that earning humanity was a good response to his quest.

He talks a lot about how important technology is to us humans, and that technology helps solve our problems and make our everyday lives easier.

Here he talks to graduating students for MIT, which is one of the most leading technology universities. Here Tim Cook strikes well in relation to the target audience.

He wants to make them see what technology can do for humanity and what to do with it, which is close to something the students have learned a lot while attending MIT.

Tim Cook highlights some different topics throughout the speech, but his general topic is how technology should serve humanity and what technology does to humans.

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