The topic is about how technology can better serve humanity and how much power young students have, to change the world for the better.

The speaker is Timothy Donald Cook who is the current chief executive officer for the multibillion company called Apple. He is born in Alabama USA and he is 58 years old. He took over Steve Jobs position in apple in 2011 because of Steve Jobs cancer disease.

But Tim Cook started working in Apple in 1998, so he knew the drill when he took over Steve’s position after he had worked in apple in 13 years. When Tim speaks, he acts very calmly and he never hesitates, and that really makes him a good speaker.

The audience is graduates and teachers of The University´s Cambridge MA campus. Of cause his main audience is the graduates.

The intended audience is the young people who has their hole life ahead, they can use his inspiring words to find out what they want to do the rest of their life and how they want to make use of their life.

Tim Cook appeals to ethos. The fact that he is the CEO in Apple appeals to ethos because we know that it is impossible to get this far on lie.

Tim is a well-educated sir he who we know is trustworthy. In 2012 he was the best paid CEO in the world, with an annual salary on 378 million dollars, which is 2,06 billion DKK.

So, it is easy to say that he knows what he is talking about, he has worked hard to get the position as CEO in Apple.

Tim appeals to pathos because he speaks to our feelings, he gets very personal in his speech which only helps building up his trustworthiness, for example. “If you see a problem or an injustice, recognize that no one will fix it but you.

As you go forward today, use your minds and hands and your hearts to build something bigger than yourselves. Always remember there is no idea bigger than this” Tim Cook.

Tim is very passionate when he talks, you can feel that he wants to inspire, he wants to leave his stamp on the humanity, and he really feels for this.