The modern world evolves constantly, and so are our lives. We rush through the week to achieve it all, and we sometimes forget what is mostly important to us.

We are constantly keeping our eyes on something else, when the most important thing is right in front of us. And that is love. Love requires presence and if one forgets it then love will fade

and that can be seen in the short story ‘’bedtimes’’ by Tim Parks from 2015. Here we meet the couple Thomas and Mary who find it difficult to give their relationship presence and care, and it has the consequence that they cannot talk to each other.

When the days go by the text builds on a climax and the sentences become longer. On the last day which is Sunday something unexpected happens.

Thomas finds his wife awake and that can be seen here: ‘’ decides to go to bed, where he finds that his wife is not sleeping with her face to the wall” (p.5,l.13).

The reader will now expect that the silence would be broken. Unfortunately, it does not happen, but instead we stand in the same place as in the beginning.

Thus, the text leaves us with a feeling that Thomas and Mary would never find each other and talk about the fact that their relationship is cold and empty.

As for the style of writing we can also analyze Mary and Thomas’ relationship and their everyday life. The style of writing in the short story is simple and neutral.

The author makes use of a short sentences and lack of adjectives, and that can be seen several times as here: ‘’The boy is fourteen’’ (p.3, l.16). Here we are introduced to their son, Mark, where the introduction is simplistically described.

Besides the lack of adjectives and short sentence the author also uses limited amount of direct speech, which is also a characteristic of their relationship.