Usually, a monster under the bed is an irrational fear that children dream up, which reveals their fear of the dark. Nonetheless, this story is not about the fear of a boy

but about the mother’s horror and anxiety to go outside of her house. She uses the example of a monster under the bed, to assist her son, Eddie, to understand her anxiety.

Eddie is a fifteen-year-old boy who once had a much richer social life, including having a girlfriend and going to football practice, but he had to give it up for his mother’s wellbeing.

His relationship with his mother is a bit indecisive and cloudy. On the one hand, it is clear that he cares and worries about her, and he feels like has to be responsible for her.

“Worse still, she’ll be peeking through the gaps in the curtains, wondering where he is. He can’t even call her. She got rid of the telephone years ago.” (ll. 81-83.)

On the other hand, Eddie feels angry with his mother. He is forced to sacrifice all of what he loves because of her illness. (ll. 62.)